Wednesday, April 24, 2013

It really does amaze me how fast you can get answers to silly questions on the internet. Here is my latest:

“What makes a bird continually bang into a window?”

So many great answers and so now the bird has been saved. I do not like to kill anything but I was really tired of this bird banging on our window beginning at 6am. I am not a lover of guns, as my husband is but this morning I said, “WHERE IS YOUR GUN?” I was trying to figure out how I was going to kill it with one shot so then I decided it had to be buckshot. Even I could hit something, don’t you think. 

Oh, well. I am going to try what was suggested on the internet before I go to that length. 

Now to the store to buy either cardboard to block the reflection or tinsel to hang in the window. 

If you hear of a crazy woman who was killing 2 cardinals and on a rampage, you can say “I KNOW HER”

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