Tuesday, October 4, 2011

No matter how you try, the general public does not realize all of the laws that you are required to abide by and do the right thing. 8 years ago Mountain Manager and Associates was born. The Georgia and North Carolina Real Estate Commission have the duty to audit of my books. They wanted to make sure we are doing every thing the correct and legal way.

Reading the North Carolina back page has always made be wonder, “am I doing it correctly.” Will they come after me if I am not doing it correctly? I know I am guilty. I know I am doing it wrong. All those classes that I have taken about trust account, just went out the window.(My insecurity came into play, can you tell)

I received a letter in March from the Georgia Real Estate Commission wanting certain documents. Immediately, I sent the information by certified mail. I waited and waited.

They responded 6 months later with a critic of what needed to be done!!!

I had been pleasantly surprised. I found out that they are not the Gestapo.

The general public does not know all the laws that a property manager and/or real estate agent has to abide by.

As a property manager we have a fiduciary responsibility to the owner of the property. We are required to protect them. This can be very difficult when owners think they know more than we do. We must overcome this and continue to protect them, no matter what they say. That doesn’t sound very nice!! We need to educate owners on the laws that can cause them problems and do it in a nice way.

There are issues of MOLD, LEAD BASE PAINT and FLOODING to name just a few.

Today I had a conversation with an owner who owns a home that was built before 1978. More than likely it was built in the 1950’s.

I told him that there are certain words that put the fear of GOD in me. LEAD BASE PAINT and MOLD. It is imperative that the tenant does not say these words. The house needs to be free of mold. It also needs to be free of lead base paint. If it does have lead base paint it needs to be repair by a Certified Lead Base Paint contractor. At this time, I am not aware of any contractor who is a Certified Lead Base Paint Contractor in the mountains.