Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The crazy's are still out there. It seems like the month of June is for Crazy people. This morning I went to a hearing to have an existing tenant evicted. One of them falsified their  rental application and the other one was arrested for stealing prescription drugs from the next door neighbor. They wanted 3 weeks to move out!! Do you think that they would have paid the rent during that time? The judge gave them 9 days.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The crazy people are out!! Watch out. I had an appointment with Carolyn Phillips at 1 pm today. She was interested in renting something in August,September and October. There was a possibility she wanted to rent longer and wanted to discuss with me her options. She got to the office 5 minutes early. Andi, my assistant greeted her and told her that it would be just a few minutes before I could see her. She said that if I did not come out right now then just forget it. She left!!

If she comes to your office would you mind telling her that I was in the bathroom and I am sorry that I could not finish fast enough to suit her!!
Your Professional Landlord

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Vacation- Vacation Rentals that are doing well are the ones that have reduced their rates to bargain basement prices. Everyone wants a bargain. They are expecting the Tah Majal for Motel 6 prices. This is a difficult time for owners and property managers. Trying to decide what rate will bring people to the table without giving away the farm in the process.As always, the lake front properties are the most popular but there are still people looking for nice clean homes.
Cleaning has been our biggest problem. There is now a solution. For the past 6 years we have struggled with cleaning. We would pay someone way too much and still not get a clean house. Lynda does not like to go clean up after the maid!! We hired several and gave them a GUARANTEED  Salary each week. That did not work. We paid for cards to be left at the homes, hoping that if the maid did a good job they would get a tip. The tip part worked but the maids didn’t work!! One of the problems is, “What is your perception of clean.”
Now we have gotten a little creative. We are thinking outside the box. We now have Adwoa(pronounced Ad Jew Wa) from Ghana. She is absolutely delightful. She will be cleaning our vacation rentals and also homes that have not been cleaned properly by departing long term tenants. She just arrived on June 2 at 11:15pm at the Atlanta airport. Lynda was not doing her best on June 3rd. They did not get back to Hayesville until 2:30am.
Long Term  We are leasing properties which is the good news.  The bad news for us and several owners is this past month has been extremely difficult. We are having owners going into foreclosure and some have been nice enough to let us know. Others are not so willing to keep us informed. Some are saying that they knew nothing about the foreclosure and others are just walking away and leaving us holding the bag. We feel very strongly that no matter what we still have a “Fiduciary” responsibility to the owner even if they leave us holding the bag.  So when banks  tell us we must do certain things and then refuse to give us any kind of documentation we are not very nice. We represent the owner until we have documentation that tells us otherwise!!!! Bankers are being overworked and are cutting too many corners. So this is what we do to earn our fees plus a lot more.
There is a full moon right now and we believe it has been a full moon for the past month!. We have gone to court with a commercial tenant in Murphy who says the only reason that he has not paid his rent is because “Lynda is mean”. We got the judgement!The magistrate had a hard time holding back his laughter. Also this month we began proceeding on a tenant who had been going to lots and lots of doctors and getting lots and lots of pills. You can see where this is heading. Police were called when this tenant decided to go into the neighbors house and steal her pills. What a life!! Someone has to take care of these properties and Mountain Manager is determined and dedicated to doing so.
You can sleep at night knowing that we are here as “Your Professional Landlord”

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Property Management has its ups and downs. Right now is a very trying time with foreclosures and bankruptcies. We have changed how we approve tenants. Never before would we allow someone with a bankruptcy to rent one of our properties. Now it is common place. There are so many bankruptcies and foreclosures that you have no other choice. Most of these people are good people and have no other choice. It is a very sad time.