Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The petition for Clay County has been certified. They have 27 additional signatures. This means that there will be a special election in September. On the ballot will be do you want alcohol sales in Clay County!!

This was in the Associated Press: Buried in a housing law signed last week by President Barack Obama are protections that will help thousands of renters stay in their homes — at least for a while — after their landlords have been foreclosed on.

The law allows tenants to remain in their foreclosed rentals through the end of their leases and then 90 days after that before being forced to vacate by lenders. Renters without leases will have 90 days, a big improvement over what most received before: almost no notice at all.

“Until this law was enacted, there had been no national protections for any of these households,” said Linda Couch, deputy director at the National Low Income Housing Coalition. “This gives renters time to adjust their lives.”

This is an excellent law. I have already had to deal with this and it is such a problem for tenants.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Liquor sales in Hayesville

For the past couple of months there has been a lot of activity in Hayesville. There are petition going around to have liquor sales in Hayesville. They need approximately 2900 people to sign the petition in order to have this issue put on the ballot to vote. There has been much controversy over this issue. The "Church group" thinks that liquor is bad and should not be allowed in the county. The other side feels that Clay County needs these additional dollars coming to the county instead of going to Towns County and Cherokee County. The petition now has approximately 2500 signed and confirmed signatures. The deadline for  having the 2900 signatures is June 1 if they do not have all the signatures they will have to start over again.
This has been a very interesting event to watch. I personally hope it passes. Clay County needs the additional income as many counties do in this difficult times.

Friday, May 15, 2009

What a month!!! Banks are going crazy and not being very nice. Everyone is in the defensive mood. My company is in a rural area and has not been effected with the quantity of  foreclosures like in major cities. Most of the foreclosures have been on homes that are spec home s and have no one living in the houses. 
In the past few weeks I have dealt with 3 different banks and they all have an attitude.  The latest one called me and said they want me to begin paying them the rent on an apartment complex. I asked if they had foreclosed on the property and they said no but they have the right to collect the rents because the owner had signed a deed of trust securing future advances. I asked for the  documentation and this arrogant banker said, "You don't need documentation. Just send the rent". Not a very nice way to deal with people, is it?

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Who would you think would be responsible for replacing/repairing the locks on this house? Here is the situation. Tenant comes home and all the doors have been vandalized and she can not get into the house. She calls us to come fix the locks so she can get inside. She then called the police to report the crime. 

Here is the answer. Since she filed a police report, the owner was responsible for the damage. If she had not filed a report then she would be responsible.

Later on she told me that her ex husband had admitted to doing it but there was no way to prove it since it was her word against his.