Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Did you know

there is a family  that have moved in near my home. There is a real good chance that they are going to be evicted real soon. The parents have begun disturbing my husband and I at 6:30am every morning, even on the weekends. They both are very inconsiderate and need to get some manners. They are not like us. They are foreigners and I am going to discriminate against them and I just don’t care.

Every morning they bang on our bedroom window beginning at 6:30am. Every few minutes they bang and then leave. Then bang again. It usually lasts until around 10am. I have seriously thought about getting a gun and shooting them but then stop.

Next year I am going to move their bird nest before they set up living quarters next to our bedroom window.

Don’t you just love “Mother Nature”

DId I get you?????