Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Going Around Agents

Did you know
when an owner sign a listing agreement it is usually for a period of 6-12 months. The listing agreement explains what the real estate company will do to sell or lease the property. Most listing agreements go into great detail about who does what,when and how.
The same applies to a management agreement. The property management company lists the property and says they will manage the property. This means they will take care of everything from collecting the rent to handling repairs to evicting the tenant if needed. Generally, the property management company will also find a tenant to occupy the property.
When there is an agreement between the owner and a real estate agent whether it be a listing agreement or a management agreement the NAR code of ethics still applies.
As a realtor, If you solicit an owner and he/she has their property listed for sale or under management you are in violation of the code of ethics by soliciting them.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Did you know
ever once in awhile it’s so nice not to do anything on a rainy Sunday. I love working in my garden which is mainly a shade garden. I spend hours and hours planting, weeding,moving plants and planning. But this Sunday I could not because of the rain which was good for my garden. I watched some movies, play on the computer and did some planning on where I was going to plant my newest member to the garden. I have always wanted a “Pink” dogwood and now I have one given to me by my daughter for mother’s day. Also received from my other daughter is a Jasmine plant. Never had one of these either. Went online and found it needs 4-6 hours of sun. I found just the right place on our deck so it can wind and twist around the railing and bring a wonderful fragrance.
My husband says I have no patience. I disagree. When you have a garden you must have patience. You plant and then wait and wait for all of it to bloom. Could be a week or two but could be several months.
As a real estate agent you have to be patient. You plant the seeds for customer to come to you when the time is right to buy or sell. It seems like those seeds are now paying off.
Good job. Keep up the patience.!!!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Did you know
I got a phone call the other day from a very distraught landlord. She was beside herself. Several months before she had called and asked how to evict a tenant. She wanted to know what were the steps. I spent 15-20 minutes with her trying to calm her nerves and give her the step by step process.
Now she was calling again. I asked, “Did you evict them?”. She said,”Please don’t be upset with me but no I did not. I wanted to work with them. They seemed so sincere and I felt so bad for them. Now what do I do?”
“You start the process by hand delivering them a letter to vacate. Give them until tomorrow and then go to the Magistrate if they have not moved.”
This landlord had given these people 3 months to get caught up because she wanted to help them. Very admirable but all that happened was SHE was taken advantage of by the tenant.
There are some wonderful tenants who choose not to buy. They have money in the bank. They like living some place where someone else takes care of the repairs. 
Then there are tenants who live pay check to pay check. If they get behind, there is no way they are going to get caught up even though they have the best intentions.
In North Carolina it takes a minimum of 6 weeks to get a tenant out of a home and  many times longer. In Georgia it takes about 4 weeks. If a tenant has not paid for 3 months then the owner will lose 1-2 more months of rent before the tenant is out and then probably another month before a new tenant can move it.