Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Did you Know

that anyone that manages property is at risk when they hire someone to paint, cut the grass, fix a leaky faucet or fix an electrical outlet who do not have insurance. 
Not general liability but workman’s compensation insurance.
If the handyman goes to a property and does any of the items mention above and is hurt or maimed on the job, the property manager and the owner are at risk.
The handyman can and will probably sue the property manager and the owner. The handyman will have everything on his side and will most likely win
Unfortunately, in the mountains, many contractors will tell you they have liability insurance and they have workman’s compensation insurance but the next question you ask is “As the owner are you covered as well”
 Many are not covered. So if the owner of, say plumbing company does the work and gets hurts, the property manager and the owner are at risk.
One owner even said to me he will just get $2 million dollars worth of liability insurance. Unfortunately, that won’t work. If the owner hired the contractor directly, he may be covered depending on his policy. BUT if the property manager hires the contractor, he will NOT be covered.
Never said being a property manager was easy.