Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Liquor sales in Hayesville

In this sleepy little town of Hayeville, N.C. an amazing thing has happened. Today was the election on whether to have 4 things happen. They were all related to liquor sales. Liquor by the drink, malt sales, ABC stores and wines sales. 

Clay county has a population of 10,000 people with supposedly 8659 registered voters. This number is very suspect but on with the story.  Several months ago a group of concerned citizens got together and said “We need to keep tax dollars in Clay County”. They decided to get a petition going that would put liquor sales on the ballot. They would need 35% of the registered voters to sign the petition to get it on the ballot. They needed 35% of 8659 registered voters which is approximately 2900 people. Volunteers set out to get those signatures. They had a plan and they had a goal. They needed so many signatures each week. They worked hard and got the signatures with 20 to spare.

Now was the time for the people to be heard.

 Did this tiny little town nestled in the Tusquittee Mountain range need or want change to happen? 

Tonight the results came. There were 4613 ballots cast out of 8659 registered voters. The number of registered voters has been very suspect but what really matters is that 4613 ballots were cast.  In all 4 categories the vote was approximately  

60% voted FOR Liquor sales in all 4 categories

40% voted AGAINST Liquor sales in all 4 categories

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tenants are gone

We no longer have the tenants. Someone came in the night. So sad. They left one egg but I really don't believe that it will hatch. Nature can be hard to deal with just as people can be difficult. Understanding is needed in both cases. Tomorrow will be another day and hopefully someone else will come live in the the nest.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Tenant will fly away

WE Have a new tenant living just outside our office. They moved in about 7 days ago. They have no lease and will probably fly away . We are so excited to have them here. They are so nice and are truly a blessing to our office.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What happens to the security deposit when a tenant moves out. Depending on the state laws and the lease agreement, but in general the tenant will receive their entire deposit back minus any repairs for damage. In the state of Georgia, once the tenant has vacated the property and turned in the keys, the landlord has 3 business days to inspect the property and notify the tenant if there are any repairs to be done which were caused by the tenant or their guests.
This is where things can become complicated. The tenant had lived in the house for 4 years. He had taken good care of the home. His teenage daughter has spilled something on the floor in a bathroom and admits that even though he had it professional cleaned, he would be responsible for replacing/repairing the tile. 
After inspecting the house, we found that the tile indeed would need to be replaced. There was additional minor damage that would be considered  "Normal wear and tear. Now the owner is expecting to take most of the tenant's security deposit to handle all the repairs. We are now in the middle of a situation that both parties are not happy.