Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hiawassee/Hayesville Vacation rental market

For the past several years the vacation rental market has been tight in Hiawassee, Georgia and Hayesville, N.C. Several factors are involved. First the over supply of vacation rentals from the baby boomers coming to the mountains purchasing cabins and homes to rent. They expect the rental market to be 6-9 months just like Florida rentals. That is not the case. Secondly, the lack of rain in 2007 did not help either. Lake Chatuge was down so far that some homes on the lake did not have enough water for a boat to go into the dock. Guests were not happy. Third the economy has drastically effected people coming to the mountains. Gas prices have not helped either.
The good news is that 2009 the lake is at a good level, gas prices are reasonable and we have some great homes to rent for the summer. Here is a list of the  Chatuge-lake levels
4/05 1921
4/06 1923
4/07 1919
4/08 1921