Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Now where was this photo taken? Comment on the blog and we will post the correct answer on Friday. Each week the photos will become harder  and harder.


Did you know

there are good tenants, bad tenants and GREAT tenants out there. I am fortunate enough to have GREAT tenants. There are unfortunately some landlords that do not have great tenants. The other day I was in the post office. The young man that was helping me said, “Who is the worst tenant you have ever had” I immediately answered with  %*%*%*%*%**%*%*. (I do have a few that no longer rent from me because they did not feel they should pay rent)

Then he said, no, I mean who WOULD be the worst tenant to ever have? I gave up and with that he said, “ I rented a house to Eric Robert Rudolph.”


Spring is here, enjoy.

Remember, Mountain Manager NEVER steals your customers. We pride ourselves in managing rental property full time.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Marketing Houses for rent

Many Owners do not understand about marketing a home for sale or for rent.

 Marketing a house for sale is similar to marketing it for rent. 

This principal still applies. When a house for sale is put on the market at $100,000 when it really should be at $85,000, it will sit and sit. Then it is reduced to $97,000 and $92,000, $87,500 etc. When it sits and sits and sits, people think something is wrong with it. When it finally does sell, it sell for much less than the $85,000. It probably sells for $79,000.

However, if it were put on the market at $85,000 then it would sell very close to the asking price.

It is so hard to convenience an owner that their house is not any different than other homes. Their home will sell or rent if price correctly.