Monday, July 20, 2009

This just came into my email account and I just had to pass it along.

I threw out a mother years ago as she was left in a garage and in my opinion (not knowing momma was in there) all the items appeared to be trash.  The tenant sued me for throwing mother out, as well as some other junk (which he admitted was junk).  I felt bad that momma got spread at the dump but the judge did dismiss the case as I could not have possibly know she was in there and she was not actually thrown out until 7 days later as it was a low priority make ready and the tenant didn’t call during those 7 days get access for the junk or momma.  Sometimes tenants can really give you a curve ball. 
Being a member of NARPM(National Association of Residential Property Managers) gives me an opportunity to learn from my peers. We have what is called a list serve where we email each other and ask questions. We try to respond to situations that we may have dealt with in the past. One that was interesting to me was when a tenant moves out and leaves food in the refrigerator but has the electric turned off, how do you get the smell out of the refrigerator. There were many different answers. Everything from Baking soda, coal & Clorox. 

This was the latest.

In the “I thought I’d heard it all” department:


We got a call this morning from a tenant who stayed for a month in one of our vacation rental properties.  She is looking for her mother and thinks she may have left “Mother” at the rental property.  Turns out mother died and was cremated during the daughter’s visit to the Monterey Peninsula, and the daughter had her ashes in a box, which, upon returning home,  she cannot locate. 


Sure hope the housekeepers didn’t throw anything away . . . there is now a new tenant in the property .

Responses from her problem.

look in the trunk of the car....... that is where a friend of mine found her husband.

Evict the new tenant for too many occupants and charge the old tenant for improper cleaning for not cleaning the ashes

We try to have a laugh now and then just to make sure we are still sane.


Thursday, July 2, 2009

Summer is definitely the time for crazy people. It must be the heat. Here are the things that I dealt with yesterday. 
1. Owner calls and says that tenant has moved out of Unit F and did I know that.
2. An owner who I terminated the management agreement wanted to know what happened to his couch and chair. The tenant has moved out and had taken the couch and chair which had been given to them by the owner and now the owner wants to be an Indian Giver.
3. Tenant had to move out of a house temporarily until repairs were made. She did not think she should have to pay rent or electricity at the temporary house.
4. Tenant calls and says she doesn't want to live with her live in boy friend any more and wants to get out of the lease. How does she do it?