Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Jump Up and Down

My husband is a fanatic about NASCAR? He LOVES to watch those cars go round and round. He is obsessed with NASCAR. I gave him tickets to a NASCAR race in Dallas several years ago. His son lives in Dallas and off they went to the race. They were like little boys when they got back from the race. It was delightful to listen to these grown men act like they were 10 years old. 
It is good for us to be a child ever once in awhile.  To laugh and jump up and down is a good thing. I need to work on this. I take life too seriously. I am going to go laugh and jump up and down today. Why don’t you?

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Lot of pretending

Did you know
There is a tip I want to pass along to you. When you are representing the buyer or the seller it is amazing how much they respect you when you tell them “I pretend that I own your house or I pretend I am buying a house.”
Now the hard part is to really pretend you are in their shoes. When you are negotiating the sale, remind them that you ARE looking out for their best interest even if they don’t buy/sell the house. Repeat business is the name of the game.

At closing you go down the closing costs as if they were your closing costs. Get your calculator out and see if the taxes were prorated correctly. Did the attorney over charge? Is the origination fee correct? This one action will give you repeat business.

Just recently we had a bid to replace/repair a ceiling where the popcorn style had started breaking away from the sheetrock. The bid was for $350. We could have said go do it or say “How long is this going to take you to repair? What materials are needed and approximate cost? Exactly what are you going to do to repair this?”

Answers to all of our questions are as follows:
1. How long is this going to take?  1 day
2. What materials are needed and approximate cost? 
  1. Exactly what are you going to do to repair this?”

Once we had answers to these questions, we could decide if the estimate was fair.

As a property manager, We do a lot of pretending!!!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Isn't that a shame!!!!!

Did you know

The son thought he could sweet talk his way out of moving.  He had maneuver his was thru the justice system time after time. He really did not believe that his mother would evict him. He is 57 years old. What a shame. How could a son do this to his own mother. This situation, I really find unacceptable!!!!

Mountain Manager gave the required notice to move out in 7 days. By law we must deliver/mail a letter that states the tenant has 10 days to  get out. If they do not respond, a court date is set.
The tenant shows up at court and says he needs additional time to move.(remember he has already been there without paying rent for 3 months). By law he has 10 days to move. If he does not move he has 10 more days.

Call or email your STATE representative today. Do you think a tenant should have all this time to move, especially since he has not paid any rent? 

Remember, the landlord is the one who pays property taxes!!!!
We did evict him and  as Paul Harvey would say, "here is the rest of the story"

He is such an idiot. 4 weeks later he decides that he has the right to come back to the property and go inside.A neighbor tells me a few days after he went inside.  All the locks had been changed but the locksmith failed to change one of them. Once that lock was rekeyed, William breaks into the house.  This time the neighbor calls the police and then I am called by the neighbor. William showed the police that he still had a key and had the RIGHT to go inside. When the key did not work the police took him to jail.

Isn't that a shame!!!!!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

There are difficult situations that are hard to decide the best way to handle. Here is one of the more difficult.

 An 84 year old woman calls the office. She has been renting her house to her son who has not paid rent in 4 months. Her home is a 4 bedroom 4 bath home. She rents the upstairs to her son and the downstairs to another person. Her son is paying $300 a month for a 2 bedroom 2 bath that should rent for a minimum of $500 a month. The other person is paying $300  for a 2 bedroom 2 bath which should also rent for $500 a month. The rent includes  approximately $250 a month for utilities including cable. She wants me to evict both of the tenants for non payment of rent.
The son has a criminal record. He keeps getting away with not going to prison. He is disabled and also is big on prescription drugs.
Here are some of the concerns
1.If eviction begins, will the mother ask it to stop?
  1. Will the son damage the house?
  2. Is he dangerous?

Stay tuned next week to see what happened