Monday, April 2, 2012

Security Deposit procedure

Did you know

Spring has come early for the mountains and just about everywhere else. Working in my garden is one of my greatest pleasures. Planting bulbs in the fall and then forgetting where I planted them. The pleasure of seeing them begin to sprout up in the spring is what I love. It is such a wonderful surprise. Not all surprises are this great.

In Towns,Union,Cherokee and Clay Counties, if the tenant moves out and have not paid their water bills, then the owner of the property is liable. These water companies are now making the owner the collection authority instead of the water company. It does not matter if you agree, this is the way it is.

There is nothing worse than having an owner contact you and say that they just received a bill from the water company for $71.27 and it is 2 months past due. Surprises like this are not fun.

Good news.

We do not return security deposit without verification of final water bill from tenants.