Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Now here is this week's photo. It is on a secondary highway in either Towns,Union,Clay or CHerokee Counties. Where is it?

DId you know
every once in awhile it is good to brag about yourself. Men have no problem doing this
but women are less likely to do so. Women are taught to let the man handle things or at
least my generation was taught that very thing. They were stronger and smarter. Many
are stronger but not the latter.
Anyway, here is my brag. Mountain Manager & Associates has been in business for 10
years!!!! We are going to have a party to celebrate. We have survived the recession/
depression. We have had mainly women working for us. Maybe that is why we are the
Largest Property Manager in the mountains.
By the way, any of you that want to brag, go right ahead. It is OK. Send me your brags

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